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Sedan/SUV Assembly Line

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摘要: ZHEJIANGJIANGGONGAUTOMAIONEQUIPMENTCO.,LTD.isfoundedin1991,withexperiencedengineers,specializeindesigningandproducingcar/SUV/truck/pickup/sedan/tricycle/motorcycle/EVassemblylines,.........

ZHEJIANG JIANGGONG AUTOMAION EQUIPMENT CO., LTD. is founded in 1991, with experienced engineers, specialize in designing and producing car/SUV/truck/pickup/sedan/tricycle/motorcycle/EV assembly lines, Agricultural Vehicles assembly lines, Engineering Vehicles assembly lines, Auto Parts assembly lines, Home Appliances assembly lines, Hardware Mechanical and Electrical assembly lines, Electrical Products assembly lines, New Energy Products assembly lines and so on, focus on automation integration of control system and automation’s supply and service.

The automotive assembly line is a crucial part of the car manufacturing process, effectively combining human labor with machinery to achieve efficient assembly of car parts. Depending on the production plan, product structure characteristics, and quality requirements, the automotive assembly line can take various forms, including fixed assembly, free flow assembly, forced continuous flow assembly, forced intermittent flow assembly, and modular assembly.

Fixed assembly is mainly suitable for single-piece small batch production and is widely used in the trial production process of new products, primarily relying on manual operations and allowing for some parts to be trimmed or selected. Free flow assembly is suitable for multi-variety small batch production or large batch production of cars with simple structures, without strict time limits, and the movement of the assembly object is mostly manually pushed or motorized.

Forced continuous flow assembly requires the assembly object to move from one station to the next according to a certain production rhythm, suitable for large batch production, and the speed of the assembly conveyor can be adjusted according to production needs. Forced intermittent flow assembly moves the assembly object intermittently on the conveyor according to a certain production rhythm, suitable for large batch production and situations where assembly accuracy is required. Modular assembly, on the other hand, is used in large-scale car assembly, where some parts are pre-assembled into modules before the final assembly, improving labor productivity and assembly quality.

The development trend of the automotive assembly line shows that the entire vehicle assembly line and parts assembly line are developing towards flexibility, the filling equipment is developing towards vacuum filling equipment, the test and inspection equipment of the assembly line is developing towards microcomputer control, digitalization, high precision, and automation, and the special assembly equipment is developing towards high precision, adaptability, and automation. In addition, the extensive use of robots in the assembly line, the application of computer technology in the automotive industry, and the adoption of flexible assembly lines are the current development trends of the automotive assembly line.

The engine assembly line, as an important part of the automotive assembly, includes the main assembly line, sub-assembly line, workstation tools, and online tools. It generally uses flexible conveyors and automated assembly equipment to improve assembly efficiency and quality.

The main equipment of the automotive assembly line includes conveying equipment, major assembly online equipment, oil and fluid filling equipment, factory inspection equipment, and special assembly line equipment, etc. They together constitute the complete system of the automotive assembly line to meet different production needs and improve production efficiency.

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